Centre for Evidence-based Medicine

Centre for Evidence-based Medicine is a research- and ressource centre.

The main purpose of the centre is to conduct research in evidence-based medicine and clinical research methodology, to instruct (e.g. medical students and ph.d students) and to supervise (e.g. M.Sc. students, researchers and clinicians) in evidence-based medicine including systematic reviews and metaanalyses. 

The centre is also hosting the Cochrane Methods Bias Group, as advisory expert to the Cochrane Collaboration concerning bias in clinical trials.

The centre is part of Odense University Hospital and the University of Southern Denmark and is located in Videncentret at Odense University Hospital.


Staff members are conducting research in evidence-based medicine, both in terms of specific clinical research projects and implementation, but with a particular interest in the empirical and conceptual foundations of evidence-based medicine. This includes sources of error in randomized, controlled trials and systematic reviews, risk of bias tools, guidelines for good research reporting, conflicts of interests in clinical research, publication bias, diagnostic tests, placebo and observer variation.

The research unit is also a partner in a number of national and international clinical and methodological research projects.

Tuition and courses

Centre for Evidence-based Medicine is responsible for the tuition in evidence-based medicine and research methodology for medical students at the University of Southern Denmark. Staff members are also instructors at ph.d courses as well as giving presentations and lectures.

Cochrane Bias Methods Group

The Cochrane Bias Methods Group (BMG) is an advisory expert to the Cochrane Collaboration in regards to bias in randomized, controlled trials and systematic reviews. It also contributes to the Cochrane Handbook and is responsible The Cochrane Collaboration risk of bias tool for clinical trials as well as coordinating methodological research.

The BMG has approximately 200 members and was located in Ottawa, Canada before moving to Centre for Evidence-based Medicine at Odense University Hospital in January 2016. BMG’s work is described here.


Research manager

Professor, overlæge Asbjørn Hróbjartsson
Telefon: +45 2479 2553


Andreas Hover Lundh Phone: +45 5142 7684 andreas.hover.lundh@rsyd.dk

Research coordinator and PhD-student

Camilla Hansen
Phone: +45 2360 4474

Research assistant

Lasse Østengaard
Phone: +45 2099 1189


Helene Moustgaard
Phone: +45 2181 2629


Center for Evidensbaseret Medicin Syddansk Universitet og Odense Universitetshospital
Sdr. Boulevard 29, Indgang 50 (Videncentret)
5000 Odense C,
Telefon: (+45) 2479 2553